Types of Electric Scooters

There are different types of electric scooters in the market today. Electric scooter is a vehicle that has two or more wheels, powered by electricity. Some of the electric scooters found in the market include:


There are those that can travel long distances such as the electric bicycle. The electric scooters are available for fast and easy daily transportation needs. They are environmentally friendly and cheaper in cost. They do not have harmful emissions that may affect the environment.

There are simple electric scooters such as a 2 wheel electric scooter. It can cover a 90 miles on one charge, has speeds of 50 mph, and is used for short distances in and around city.
There is the 3 wheel and 4-wheel type used in all public spaces. It is easy to fold these and transport them. A person can use them for trips, indoors and outdoors since they are comfortable and durable. They have seats that are studier and comfortable leg room. There are popular brands found in the market. The four wheeled electric scooter is for outdoor purposes. They are more stable and can travel as faster. Some of these include Razor, Yamaha, Vespa, Schwinn, and Extreme.